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This is a special seed drop! It’s not every day this happens!

White Widow Bx1. White widow x White widow x North American Indica strains.

Go to to purchase yours 🤜🤛🙏

Seeds directly off of a 30 year old white widow cut!!!

this is truly a gift for the community!!

The story:

My friends father had friends that lived in Germany they met from the War.

They all got together in 1985 then again in 1995 for a week trip to Amsterdam. On his second reunion trip his buddy gave him them seeds and said these are the best. One was labeled White Widow and another that was NL5 x Haze which Was lost.

My friends father and his brother (his uncle) learned to grow and kept the best pheno of the White widow and NL x Haze. Once I was 19-20 I was given both plants from my friends father since he was getting to old to grow and maintain them. Over the years since I’ve never let her go and always take several cuts. The NL x haze was lost in 2002-2003 from grower error’s due to back then everything was hush 🤫 about growing and had to be learned from tomato books or the back of hightimes magazine.

The Widow has always rooted within 7-10 days and is very hardy never Hermed under stress or gotten PM

White Widow seeds Directly off of a 30yr of cut

$250.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
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