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1 pack of 12 regular seeds

Introducing White Widow Bx1: A Gift from the Community! 🌿🎁🌍


✨ Discover the legendary White Widow Bx1 strain, a result of carefully selected White Widow x White Rhino( White Widow xNorth American Indica strain). These seeds are a direct descendant of a 30-year-old White Widow cut, making them a truly exceptional find.


💫 The Story behind White Widow Bx1:


Imagine a journey that started in 1985 when friends reunited in Amsterdam after their time in Germany during the War. On their second reunion trip in 1995, a buddy gifted them with extraordinary seeds. One was labeled White Widow, while the other, unfortunately, NL5 x Haze, was lost.


Fast forward to today, where these seeds have been nurtured by generations. My friend's father and his brother dedicated themselves to growing and preserving the best phenotypes of White Widow and NL x Haze. When I came of age, my friend's father entrusted me with these precious plants, as he could no longer tend to them. Since then, I have cherished and cultivated them with utmost care, always taking multiple cuttings.


🌱 The White Widow has proven itself time and again, rooting within 7-10 days and exhibiting remarkable resilience. This strain has never hermaphrodized under stress and has remained free from powdery mildew—a true testament to its exceptional genetics.


Join us in preserving the history and experiencing the magic of White Widow Bx1! ✨🌿🌟


#WhiteWidowBx1 #LegacyStrain #RareGenetics #PreservingHistory #OldSchoolChronic #CannabisCommunity s very hardy never Hermed under stress or gotten PM

White Widow BX1 (White Widow 30 year old cut x White Rhino)

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