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"Embarking on a captivating journey of botanical fusion, we proudly present the exquisite blend of Cookies Gary Payton and Hell Raiser OG. A harmonious marriage of genetics, this hybrid masterpiece embraces the best of both worlds.

From Cookies Gary Payton, we inherit a symphony of effects that delight the senses and challenge the experienced enthusiast. This meticulously crafted strain, a result of crossing They and Snowman, emerges as a rare evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa). The impact is immediate and profound, igniting the mind with an unparalleled potency that catapults you into a realm of pure euphoria. As your spirit soars higher, an energizing surge takes hold, accompanied by an unwavering focus that dances playfully with bouts of laughter. With a THC content of 20-25%, this strain commands attention and reverence.

Complementing this splendid hybrid is the storied legacy of Hell Raiser OG, a slightly sativa dominant marvel born of the formidable union between Fire OG and Face Off OG. This celebrity offspring, acclaimed as the 1st Place Winner for Best Concentrate at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup in San Francisco, boasts an irresistible blend of flavors and effects. Hell Raiser OG's buds, kissed by nature, offer a delightful symphony of sour citrus and woody pine, wrapped in an earthy embrace upon exhale. The aroma mirrors this enchanting experience, an ode to sour lemon with a woody pine overture that accompanies the smoldering dance of flame.

In this union, Cookies Gary Payton and Hell Raiser OG converge to create a tantalizing symphony of sensations. Explore the depths of euphoria and energy, balanced by a nuanced interplay of flavors that titillate the palate and evoke a sense of wonder. With each encounter, immerse yourself in an experience that transcends boundaries and celebrates the artistry of nature's finest offerings." woody pine effect that's released upon burning.

Gary Payton OG (Gary Payton x Hell Raiser OG) 12 reg seeds