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🌺 Introducing a new strain. Seed Drop Alert! 🚨 Embrace the ethereal magic of "Noelani" - translating to "Heavenly Mist." 🌬️💫

🌿 Noelani is the result of a beautiful union between Hawaiian CatPiss from AK Bean Brain and Super Silver Haze CatPiss from Oldschoolchronic . Let's dive into the lineage of this extraordinary strain.

Smell and taste - has great nose to her straigh tropical cereal with honey and spicy funk right at the end

🌺 Mother Strain: Hawaiian CatPiss

The Hawaiian CatPiss is an original import bud that underwent a meticulous breeding process. It was crossed to NL1 and then bred to F1 before being backcrossed to the import. Subsequently, it was bred to F2 and finally released to the public as F3. Fun fact: "The ones with the long middle finger are the most ammoniated like the original import." 🌴✌️

🔥 Father Strain: Super Silver Haze CatPiss

Don't be fooled by the name—Cat Piss is a truly remarkable Sativa-dominant strain that will elevate your cerebral experience. Its unique flavor