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-is a Cross of the Queen of San Diego P91 and x Super Silver Haze Catpiss BX2

If you’re looking for a sour pungent and a super loud frosty plant. There’s no denying this girl!! She has been put through several test. She has an aura!!! P91 one was known as one of the loudest best tasting plants and San Diego and some say the world. And super silver haze is one of the best highs and Frostiest plants I’ve ever seen. Putting these two together is one of my masterpieces!!!

There will be no denying this woman! The new Queen of San Diego is here and her name is Sour P

 P91 is a mega rare cut that was the OG Kush of it's day in Southern California during the early 90's. It's called P91 because of it's super Peanutty Oily skunk flavor and a distinct earthy dankness.

It's genetics as described in detail by the breeder "P-91 comes from a selectively inbred mother that came from SSSC catalog back in 1988...Skunk #1 seeds. The mother was a real nice baby from breeding the SK#1 back on was being called the Diamond in San Diego circa 1990ish. The father was a pure Thai from a collection that was very rare and definately pure lucky on those seeds when the collector started 'tweaking'...(again, no bs and lol 4sure) One seed went male, the other turned into an amazing silver thai female. So, with sk#1 being a indo/thai/sativa cross, and then crossed back on a pure thai strain, the p-91 is a mostly thai nothing else i have ever seen or grown.

Sold out 🚨-“P22”

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