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If you're in search of the ultimate Haze, look no further. I've dedicated over eight years to perfecting the extraordinary super silver haze cat piss strain. This plant holds a special place in my heart, and its aroma is simply undeniable. Super silver haze is more than just a catchy name; it truly lives up to its well-deserved reputation. The high it provides is absolutely unforgettable, giving you a heavenly sensation. Trust me, you won't find anything else quite like it. And we were fortunate enough to breed her with AK-47 from serious seeds original seat, stock.

I never even fathomed that we could enhance her already outstanding qualities, but let me tell you, get ready for a truly magical experience!

She only requires 60 to 70 days to reach full maturity. She's a medium to high producer! The longer you let her grow, the larger she becomes!

Her smell is reminiscent of a funky dirty basement/church. And the taste is just a perfect oldschool chronic. If there was a way to describe what an old-school chronic joint of the haze would taste like, that's exactly what I would say. She tastes like...

Super Silver Haze Catpiss JRCUT x AK-47 Serious Seeds

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