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Cat Piss is a sativa marijuana strain and phenotype of Super Silver Haze.  Catpiss a Sativa dominant strain that is good at delivering quality cerebral highs. Despite its  name, it has a pleasant taste, a mix between sweet and sour, and having some spiciness. The aroma is creatively described as being peppery, skunky, and slightly ammonia. Cat Piss has a nice effect upon smoking, leaving you feeling euphoric, creative, happy, and upbeat. Medically it is used to treat stress and anxiety, and to a lesser degree, pain, nausea, and depression.  The nugs are a solid light green color straight through. When all is said and done, after smoking this you will feel nice and high, and have the opportunity to tell someone you smoked Cat Piss, and not the liquid version.



Strain Name 

Super Silver Haze Catpiss BX1  JR Cut



Pack Size

12 Seeds


95% Sativa 

Strain Genetics

SuperSilver Haze Catpiss ( Super Silver Haze is made by crossing Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze 

Flowering Type


Flowering Time

Indoor flowering 8- 9 weeks

Where to Grow

Indoor, Greenhouse and Outdoor 

Plant Height

Medium- tall 



Super Silver Haze Catpiss pheno (JR cut) BX2 - 12 Seeds

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