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1 pack of 12 regular seeds


Dumpster Ohio cut information -


This is a clone-only strain found mainly in central Ohio, though it's been known to travel outside of Columbus. Known for it's compact, dense, resin-soaked buds, dumpster is light green in color and smells of sweet berries, skunk and earth. The smell carries over into the flavor with hints of berry and earthy spiciness. The indica-dominant effect can be described as heavy, relaxing, and intense; great for movie watching or winding down the evening. It's a strain that seems to be spider-mite resistant to a degree, but susceptible to mold due to the high amount of resin (growers - keep those fans running). It's grows very well and compact in dirt and tends to stretch a little in hydro, though the end product seems to be very similar in quality and finish in 60 days. Growers can expect medium-high yields from this strain depending on conditions. The origin of this strain is muddled in urban-legend and lore, but the common thread between all stories describe a plant that was saved from a dumpster. Some say it was a scrapped cultivation project run by a professor from the university, some say it was just a guy trying to avoid arrest. Either way, it was 25+ years ago and the strain is still around and famous in Ohio. The parent plants are believed to be Northern Lights x G13.


Introducing Peanut Butter Skunk Mint - BX1! 🥜🦨✨


Get ready to indulge in the perfect blend of flavors and aromas with this extraordinary strain. Peanut Butter Skunk Mint is a back-crossed masterpiece created from the genetic combination of Peanut Butter Soufflé, GMO, and Super Skunk mass cut. Brace yourself for a sensory experience that is super loud, unbelievably potent, and visually stunning. This is the high-end weed you've been waiting for!


Let's break down the ingredients that make this strain a true winner:


🥜 Peanut Butter Soufflé:

Created through a collaboration between pHinest and Cannarado, Peanut Butter Soufflé is the offspring of Do-Si-Dos and Lava Cake. Its buds are adorned with dark green and purple hues, covered in a thick layer of resin that sparkles like frost. Prepare your taste buds for a nutty, earthy flavor profile reminiscent of creamy peanut butter.


💥 Massachusetts Super Skunk:

Originating from an '86 seed pack from Super Sativa Seed Company, Massachusetts Super Skunk is an exceptional phenotype that played a significant role in the creation of the legendary Sour Diesel strain. Known for its energetic and functional daytime high, this highly regarded skunk strain offers a sweet and sour, dank, and skunky aroma. It's a rare gem cherished by cannabis enthusiasts.

Dumpster Mints- Dumpster x Dubsido x Ssh Catpiss X Peanut Butter, Skunk Mints

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