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Spearmint Rhino aka Purple Rhino Piss

White Rhino X Purple Piss 


 I love this mix of Oldschool and Oldschool  Not only will she bring you back in the 90s  but you will want to stay and never leave.    Bad ass Bitc*



White Rhino-


White Rhino is a potent Indica strain, and is easily recognizable with its short to bushy, light green to dark green leaves. The nugs are a hue best described as being silvery white and it is well known for its potency, which comes with a high that is hard and fast, mostly due to the high THC content which ranges from 14-20%. With its background of White Widow and a North American Sativa plant, it's also known for its powerful aroma, which is a mix of an earthy, bitter, and would like to smell. It's perfectly common to experience feelings of laziness, happiness, and euphoria after smoking this strain of weed, which is why it's primarily used in the medical world to treat stress, pain, and insomnia. The primary negative effect of this strain is dry mouth, although dry eyes is a possibility. This strain is also known for being particularly durable, being able to be grown in extreme climates. White Rhino is known to be a first rate strain for producing massive yields. Named for the look of the top part of the plant that resembles the horn of a rhinoceros, this strain provides a strong Indica high. New users are cautioned to try this strain a few hits at a time as it can take a few moments for the full effect of the high to take effect. Once it does, the strain fills users with a euphoria that lifts moods and numbs the body. The bodily effects causes many users to feel lazy and tired.  Accompanying the beneficial effects might be these side-effects, dry eyes and mouth, paranoia, headaches and anxiety.

Like many Indica dominant strains, this one should be used in the evening or at night and can be rather effective at treating insomnia. White Rhino's numbing effects on the body are sought after by patients suffering from chronic aches and pains. Others choose the strain to relieve stress, anxiety, nausea, migraines and induce appetite.


 Purple Piss- 

Super siver Haze Catpiss JRcut  x  Buckeye Purple ( GDP x Gorilla Grape ) 


 This has been one of my favorite projects-   She is one of the Loudest Funkiest and not to mention most  Gorgeous plant Ive ever worked with.  




Spearmint Rhino aka Purple Rhino Piss

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