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VC21=P91 x Catpiss x BlackStem ---I should have named this plant Miss Loud-   Damn-   Super loud Sour to Funk smells and taste-  He is was the Queen of the garden for some time.   you can smell her from 5 feet away-   No need to touch her,  to smell her.  Hope you have strong air filters!  



P91 x Catpiss x BlackStem 


P91 is a native strain to north county San Diego. ... P91 is a clone only st

rain, it is a cross of Northern Lights (Thai x Afghani) cubed. Which basically means males acquired off the original mother plant where crossbred back with the mother 3 time.


SuperSilverHaze Catpiss - it has a pleasant taste, a mix between sweet and sour, and having some spiciness. The aroma is creatively described as being peppery, skunky, and slightly ammonia. Cat Piss has a nice effect upon smoking, leaving you feeling euphoric, creative, happy, and upbeat.


 BlackStem - Stunning is the first words i think of.   It a complex Bluebarry strain. Blackstem = Blueberry x Purple Kush  x Chem D (skunk va )) xgrape stomper = (Grape Stomper is a craft hybrid strain created by Gage Green Seeds. A complex cross between breeder JojoRizo’s Purple Elephant and breeder Elite Seeds’ Chemdawg Sour Diesel, Grape Stomper has quite the pedigree)


Strain Name 




Pack Size

12 Seeds


75% sativa

Strain Genetics

P91 x Catpiss x BlackStem 

Flowering Type


Flowering Time

Indoor flowering 8-9 weeks

Where to Grow

Indoor, Greenhouse and Outdoor 

Plant Height

Medium Tall 



VC21 - 12 Seeds

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